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How To Easily Edit Your Closet

Cleaning out, organizing and editing your closet can be a stressful endeavor. That's why we, at Style Me Agency, are here to help with a few simple tips. When it comes to the edit part, the hardest part we hear from clients is deciding what stays and what goes.

Hopefully these simple tips will make this task a little bit easier for you.

First, you'll need 5 pieces of paper. Each sheet represents a "pile" that you will create as you go through your closet and drawers.

These piles are: KEEP, DONATE, TRASH, MAYBE and ARCHIVE.

KEEP — The essentials. Clothes that make you feel good, fit well and are classic styles.

  • Always keep at least 1 Interview outfit.

  • Pencil skirts, white crisp shirts

  • Favorite jeans (no more than 5 prs)

DONATE — These are items you will never look at again once they go into this pile.

  • Clothes with price tags on them for over a year

  • If you're the same size and haven't worn something in a year or more

  • Those "what was I thinking?" pieces

TRASH — Pieces not even worth donating.

  • Clothes with holes, broken zippers, etc

  • Anything that has lost elasticity

  • T-shirts with stretched out necks

MAYBE — You can't quite let go because:

  • You plan on losing 5-10 pounds

  • Pieces that almost button/zip because you're close to your goal weight

  • Something you still haven’t worn because the occasion hasn’t come around

Archive — Anything you want to save for sentimental reasons, such as your son’s or daughter’s sport uniform from the fall, winter or spring seasons. A special occasion dress such as wedding or 50th anniversary, etc.

Now remember this was just the EDITING part. We'll get into the organizing part in another post. The edit is what needs to happen before you can organize.

Happy editing! Need more help? Go to our contact page and tell us what your needs are in the area of editing/organizing our wardrobe and we can assign an expert stylist to assist you.

Happy Editing!


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